sugar sweet girl

Welcome to my little blog.  I love it here.

Sometimes I think I am the only one who reads it, actually I'm pretty convinced that I am.

And that's all right. This is allowing me to scratch off a goal of mine that I have had for far too long. The first thought of ever starting a blog was probably a few years ago, my girlfriends and I would constantly talk about recipes and what we were making for the holidays and I always wanted to share it beyond the daily email. 

But there were things in my way...
  • First was having the guts to do it. Sharing on the internet is not really my thing. What if no one reads or likes it? Clearly, I have gotten past this #yolo (I have never really understood hashtagging until I joined Instagram, now I find it pretty amusing)
  • Second was time, when I wasn't working I was always busy looking for a new job, roommate, apartment, cute boys. I mean the list could go on forever.

But right now I am in a transition in my life where I have quite a bit of free time on my hands. And it hit me that if I don't take advantage of this time now then there will be even MORE years just thinking about it.

So here it is, the Sugar Sweet Moments of my twenty-something year old life. 

Now here are some fun facts about me:

I bake more often than I should.
I laugh a lot.
I live in New York.
My hair tends to have a mind of its own.
I am a Christmas baby.
I love chocolate, dancing, and sending fancy cards.
I think getting a new lipstick is the best.
Candid photos make me smile.
I believe that positive thoughts go a long way.

I hope you keep reading, be sure to say hi!