April 3, 2012

easter inspiration.

Dessert tables are sort of my thing, I just love them so much. Every holiday I make sure there is a decorated table of sweets. Sometimes I go too overboard, to the point where I tell myself that I am absolutely ridiculous. But that's better than being boring right?

So I am starting to plan for Easter; pinning things, looking through cookbooks, and checking the seasonal section of every store I walk into. I was looking through some of my old Easter photos for some inspiration and figured I would share them to talk about some tid-bits regarding dessert tables I have...

First and foremost, make what you know and what people like. Sure, it is ok to try new recipes but make sure you are capable of making them or else it will not be fun if you make them the night before (as I usually do!). Cupcakes and sugar cookies are fun to make and a sure people pleaser.
In addition to baked goods, chocolate covered anything will look great on your table and are so easy-peasy to make. Decorate them with nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and little candies!
Display your baked goods in pretty baskets, bowls, and platters; mix it up and make it fun! Use doilies!  
(It's a running joke with my friends that I may be the only person who still uses and loves them)
Decorate your table with any fun little accents you can find that fits your theme. 
Bright colors are great for the springtime.
Stack pedestal platters to give some height to the table.
If you have the time to make cake pops, make them, 
but I can't stress enough that you need to give yourself time.
This year I plan to keep it simple, let's see how well I do!
Have fun planning!

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