March 2, 2012

a birthday cake and its lessons.

Today is my mother's birthday.

I was SO excited to bake her cake. It had to be super special and beautiful, with lots of love of course.
So I baked it and it was perfect, just like everything I have ever baked.


Truth is, the cake recipe did not come out how I wanted at all.
It was crumbly.
And stuck to the pan.

Afternoon wasted. Four layers down the drain. 
But I was not giving up. I was ready to start again. So I did some googling and found another recipe with great reviews. 
Perfect. Let's do this. 
And then I realized something...I was out of sugar.
SUGAR. What kind of baker runs out of sugar?
One who bakes alot, clearly.

I felt defeated. My mother came into the kitchen and tried a piece of the crumbly cake.
"It tastes good." Yes, it did taste good.
She insisted not to waste it away.
I was ready to go to the store, the cake had to be perfect, I mean I was going to blog about it! 
What will all my followers think? hah.

And then it hit me and I knew that she was right. So I got into a real Michaelangelo mode, made some delicious frosting, and pieced that cake together. Nothing was going to stop me from making a beautiful cake, not even myself.

I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, just seeking perfection.
But perfection isn't real. And I am a real baker, which is why I always wanted to start a blog.
Things happen and we have to learn to roll with the punches.

Like when I was making the frosting and the mixer splurted cocoa powder all over the counter and all over me.
Instead of thinking something else had gone wrong, I burst out laughing. 
Crazy-cocoa-covered girl alone in the kitchen. hah.

No use in crying over crumbled cake.

Thank you Mom for all the life lessons you have taught me.
Happy Birthday.

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