March 6, 2012

diy cake banner.

To make my mom's birthday cake extra fancy, I made this cake banner...

I have been seeing these a lot lately on Pinterest and Etsy. They are usually made from fabrics or cardstock, but I wanted to make one using materials that I already had at home. 

Now that it has been used, I will most likely end up decorating a card with it or even use it for a scrapbook page if I ever get back to doing that. Here is how I made mine...

What you need:
1 sheet of tissue paper
craft pattern scissors
wire or thread
double-stick tape
2 lollipop sticks
hot glue gun
stamp kit, ribbons, beads (optional)

How you make it:

1. Cut the tissue paper down one its folds (how it comes packaged, folded in thirds) and pencil 1-inch marks for the amount of letters you need.

2. Cut the paper on the marks to create strips.

3. Fold the strips in half. Measure and mark an inch from the top of each fold. Cut along the marks with your crafty scissors. 

4. Fold the strips over the wire or thread. If you like, string beads at the ends and between the letters. Place doublestick tape on the inside of the folds to hold into place.

5. Once all the pieces are strung, stamp or write your letters to create your special message.

6. Lay the wire over the sticks where you want it to hang. Hot glue in place. Trim the ends and add curled ribbons to the sticks if you want to make it extra jazzy (like I did for my mom's cake).

This is a really simple way to impress your loved ones without spending a lot of time or money. 
Use to step-up a store-bought or homemade cake or even a potted plant.

have fun!

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