March 20, 2012

disney eats.

Remember when I said we ate and ate and ate on our little trip to Disney?

Well I wasn't over-exaggerating, it felt like we were constantly stopping for food. And there were no limits on the type of food or time of day; cookies for breakfast, ice cream before dinner...anything goes here, it's all part of the wonderful Disney experience. We didn't have any reservations or really even any sit-down meals. Everything we ate was on the go; that just works for us.

We spent the majority of our time in Epcot. Here I introduced the family to the idea of a food crawl; trying and sharing different foods from the different countries. It was fun and we ate new foods that we never normally would have. I highly recommend trying it!

And of course we ate plenty of delicious sweets during our visit. If I had to pick favorites, I would say the paw print brownie from Kusafiri bakery in Animal Kingdom (it is a brownie topped with ganache and buttercream, what a combination!), Dole Whip in Magic Kingdom, and the chocolate carmel apples are my favorite take home treat.

One last recommendation... make sure to visit Spice & Tea Exchange in Mickey's Pantry in Downtown Disney. This store really caught my attention with the corner of amazing spices, sugars, and teas.  The selection is incredible and the products are all natural. I picked up the Sweet Onion Sugar, Pinot Noir Salt, and Black Chocolate Tea. I am so excited to try them out!

I just love trying new places and foods with the special people in my life.

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