March 30, 2012


"You're far too young to believe that it's not going to be okay."

I had to repeat this to myself for most of this crazy week. I have had so many thoughts racing through my mind that my head was spinning. And all of these thoughts that would not leave me alone were of things and situations beyond my control.

It took a solid day or two to finally get past them and remember that everything finds its place. If something doesn't work out then it just wasn't meant to be and something better is on its way. 
It is going to be just fine.

Thankfully, I have the best girlfriends and family to help me when I loose sight of things.
They snap me back to my positive self and help me find the humor in these sticky situations.
Froyo and retail therapy also keeps me going. 

If I could, I would share with you.

love and hugs.

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